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World Food Travel Summit in Gothenburg

World Food Travel Summit: Global Outlook, with the Distinctive Flavor of Sweden

Welcome to Sweden, Gothenburg and the World Food Travel Summit global congress September 22-24! The event promises a global outlook, showcasing the distinctive flavor of Sweden, the new culinary nation, and a full coverage of current trends in food tourism.


For the first time ever, the World Food Travel Summit will take place in Sweden. 200 decisionmakers and industry insiders from the food, drink and hospitality businesss worldwide will find inspiration and knowledge from thoughtleaders in the fields of food and travel. The event is organized by World Food Travel Association in co-operation with VisitSweden, West Sweden Tourist Board and Göteborg & Co.

”We chose Sweden and Gothenburg because the town and country are great models for food tourism. The spotlight is turning north and in Sweden there are many exciting examples of innovative and genuine food culture,” said Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association.

The international program is full of interesting sessions, such as the story of how the music festival Way Out West shifted to vegetarian food for sustainability reasons, or how the theme park Astrid Lindgren’s World decided to Exchange french fries and burgers for a traditional local fare, inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s wildly popular children’s books.

One of the more well-known Swedish speakers is the internationally acclaimed chef Magnus
Nilsson, who runs the award-winning restaurant Fäviken Magasinet on a mountain farm in the wilderness of Swedish Jämtland. The restaurant relies almost entirely on produce from the farm and the nature that surrounds it. It has been listed as one of the World’s top 50 restaurants for a number of years. Magnus will reveal ingredients of his secret recipe that transformed an old building into one of the world’s hottest culinary destinations.

There are also several international examples in the program: the case of how the Danish restaurant Noma has impacted tourism revenue in the Copenhagen region will be presented by a journalist from TIME Magazine. The President of the Canadian organization Taste of Nova Scotia tells her story of cooperation as a recipe for success. John Mulholland, Editor of the British daily The Observer will moderate the congress.

During the weekend prior to the congress, delegates will be given the opportunity to visit different culinary destinations in western Sweden. The welcoming dinner will offer appetizers from many different regions of Sweden on the theme ”Try Swedish.”

Full details about the World Food Travel Summit: http://www.worldfoodtravelsummit.com/ and follow the events on Twitter #wfts2013

The congress will be held at Radisson Blu Scandinavia in the heart of Gothenburg, a city known for fantastic seafood and other culinary treats.

For further information, please contact:  Erik Wolf, Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association, erik@worldfoodtravel.org or Ami Hovstadius, Communications Manager for Sweden – the new culinary nation at VisitSweden, ami.hovstadius@visitsweden.com

Full list of speakers and sessions:

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/ Written by Jenny Jonevret

Culinary Academy in WestSweden Gothenburg 2015

Crayfish - Photo Lisa Nestorson
West Sweden is famed for its wide variety of top-quality, natural, organic produce. The forests of inland Dalsland provide an impressive range of game, berries, mushrooms and fresh fish, while the countryside bordering the Göta Canal is teeming with farm shops selling locally produced fine cheeses, high-quality dairy products, beer and schnapps. Fertile farmland makes the region ideal for growing crops and raising livestock on sustainable and traditional organic lines. Unique culinary highlights include wild garlic in the spring in Kinnekulle, exclusive roe from Lake Vänern in the autumn and fresh seafood all year round. In the cold, clean and mineral-rich water of Sweden’s West coast, shellfish grow more slowly, developing a fuller flavour, which makes these North Sea shellfish some of the best in the world. Visitors can treat themselves to lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish and prawns, and learn how to catch and cook them on a unique seafood safari.

The region’s capital city, Gothenburg’s coastal location means easy access to fish and shellfish that stand out on quality and flavour. Add an authentic coffee shop culture that prides itself on its cakes and pastries, and Gothenburg is a food lover’s paradise. The city’s chefs work with local produce and seasonal food, preferably organic. Their modern approach to cuisine rests on Swedish traditions combined with new flavours and ideas drawn from all over the world. Today six restaurants in Gothenburg – 28+, Bhoga, Koka, Sjömagasinet, SK Mat & Människor and Thörnströms Kök – have been awarded a Michelin star. But if you’re looking for fabulous food, there’s far more to Gothenburg than that. Gothenburg was named Sweden’s Food Capital in 2012, with the jury citing the vast array of food the city has to offer, its abundance of local produce and high-quality restaurants, not to mention the fact that the food served in schools and hospitals is nutritious as well as sustainably sourced.

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/ Written by Grace Fitzgerald

If you build it, they will come

photocred: Fia Gulliksson, Food in Action

There’s no beating about the bush with Swedish Fia Gulliksson of Östersund—a woman on a mission. She is all about three things; people, passion and produce. She tells us how she brought Östersund, her regional area of Sweden, to international acclaim through sheer will and determination.

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