/ Written by Jenny Jonevret
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Culinary Academy in Skåne 2014 – Program

Photo: Miriam Preis/imagebank.sweden.se

Wednesday September 24
Departure from Malmö Hyllie by bus to Ängavallen.
Check in at hotel Ängavallen and an introduction to Sweden – the new culinary nation. You will get a guided tour around this unique organic farm and also take part in sausage making.
The uniqueness of Ängavallen is that everything in the restaurant and the shop is 100% organic and mostly from the farm. From these wonderful ingredients our chefs created menus that gave them the title of the year’s organic restaurant in 2008, distributed by the White Guide.


Thursday September 25
Hällåkra Vineyard.
Hällåkra Vineyard rests on top of a hill in the northern parts of Söderslätt where the plain passes into soft hillsides. The vineyard is located on a southern slope, overlooking the plains of Skåne, with the sea breezes from the Baltic Sea in the west and with the protective forests and waters in the north.


Lunch at Buhres in Kivik.
Southern Sweden’s freshest and most visited fish shop with their own production and smokehouse. Here you can find all what ocean’s pantry has to offer for the day. Fresh, steamed, fried or smoked, everything is done in-house by their own recipes.
13.30 See the apple art-piece emerge before the apple market. Meet the artist Emma Karp Lundström.
How to bake a “Spettekaka” We watch and try the baking of Skånes speciality
”Spettkaka” and smoke prawns over open fire.

Logi Gamlegård is beautifully situated between greenery and rolling fields. Enjoy the environment and be inspired in a relaxing courtyard setting. The accommodation have a barbecue area in the garden, deck chairs and a lovely view across the open plains of Skåne. Join in activities such as bocce, croquet or maybe a game of Kubb.


Dinner at Daniel Berlin.
The small restaurant Daniel Berlin in Österlen has been named Culinary Experience of the Year and International Master Class by the highly respected White Guide. This cer-tainly is a gastronomic experience to remember.


Friday September 26
“Mat-karavan”, a guided food walk, on the square Möllevångstorget.
Discover a world of new and exciting flavors! Take a walk with “Mat-karavan” and get to know the flavors from around the world! You walk, talk, look, taste and smell your way through two hours with all senses on alert.
Lunch at the restaurant Saltimporten Canteen.
Saltimporten Canteen serves lunch in the rustic port environment. Cooked with fantas¬tic ingredients from the neighborhood with a lot of love!


Guided tour in the Western Harbour.
Coffee at Lilla Kafferosteriet with food entrepreneurs based in Malmö: Kolsvart (licorice), Malmö Vinegar Factory, Lilla Kafferosteriet and others telling about Malmö as a thriving foodie city.


Check in at Hotel Mäster Johan and lesiure time.
Dinner at Bastard.
Modern European cooking, with a “nose to tail” approach. The restaurant has quickly become one of Malmö’s most popular and talked-about restaurant. They have a pen-chant for happy animals and earthy roots. Generous, well-cooked food with a big heart!


Saturday September 27
Departure to Bjäre.
Food hiking together with Lindegrens.
With David as inspirational guide and Erica as a creative cook, you can go on a hike through Sinarpsdalen. They tell you about the landscape, their ecological agriculture, the food and raw materials – all seasoned with a dose of anecdotes from the local history.


Potato and Vodka tasting at Torekov Hamnkrog with Jarl Toremalm.
From Bjärehalvön peninsula comes the world’s first new potato vodka. The character of this vodka differs from year to year because the taste of the potatoes changes accord¬ing to the soil and weather, something that is reflected in the taste of the vodka. Today Karlsson GOLD is a hit on the east side of the United States.


Tomatens hus, Vallåkra.
Their tomato Svea was elected best tasting tomato in Sweden 2014. Try tomato bread, marmalade, pie etc.


A slice of Swedish Hospitality with a crayfish party
Get an exclusive glimpse of Malmö with “A Slice of Swedish Hospitality”. A unique experience out of the ordinary that lets you get to know the locals over a meal. This is a unique possibility for you to experience the real Swedish friendly atmosphere and hopefully you will remember Sweden and Malmö forever in your hearts.


Sunday September 28
Individual departures.


/ Written by Jenny Jonevret

Culinary Academy in WestSweden Gothenburg 2015

Crayfish - Photo Lisa Nestorson
West Sweden is famed for its wide variety of top-quality, natural, organic produce. The forests of inland Dalsland provide an impressive range of game, berries, mushrooms and fresh fish, while the countryside bordering the Göta Canal is teeming with farm shops selling locally produced fine cheeses, high-quality dairy products, beer and schnapps. Fertile farmland makes the region ideal for growing crops and raising livestock on sustainable and traditional organic lines. Unique culinary highlights include wild garlic in the spring in Kinnekulle, exclusive roe from Lake Vänern in the autumn and fresh seafood all year round. In the cold, clean and mineral-rich water of Sweden’s West coast, shellfish grow more slowly, developing a fuller flavour, which makes these North Sea shellfish some of the best in the world. Visitors can treat themselves to lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish and prawns, and learn how to catch and cook them on a unique seafood safari.

The region’s capital city, Gothenburg’s coastal location means easy access to fish and shellfish that stand out on quality and flavour. Add an authentic coffee shop culture that prides itself on its cakes and pastries, and Gothenburg is a food lover’s paradise. The city’s chefs work with local produce and seasonal food, preferably organic. Their modern approach to cuisine rests on Swedish traditions combined with new flavours and ideas drawn from all over the world. Today six restaurants in Gothenburg – 28+, Bhoga, Koka, Sjömagasinet, SK Mat & Människor and Thörnströms Kök – have been awarded a Michelin star. But if you’re looking for fabulous food, there’s far more to Gothenburg than that. Gothenburg was named Sweden’s Food Capital in 2012, with the jury citing the vast array of food the city has to offer, its abundance of local produce and high-quality restaurants, not to mention the fact that the food served in schools and hospitals is nutritious as well as sustainably sourced.

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/ Written by Grace Fitzgerald

If you build it, they will come

photocred: Fia Gulliksson, Food in Action

There’s no beating about the bush with Swedish Fia Gulliksson of Östersund—a woman on a mission. She is all about three things; people, passion and produce. She tells us how she brought Östersund, her regional area of Sweden, to international acclaim through sheer will and determination.

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