Swedish Lapland

/ Written by Grace Fitzgerald

Swedish Lapland in Italy …

Sámi people have had their everyday reindeer ‘suovas’ awarded ‘Presidia’ status by Slow Food Presidia.  Why? Suovas is a unique product found only in Sápmi. And it encapsulates the Sápmi way of living with nature. But what exactly is this suovas?

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/ Written by Jenny Jonevret

Very welcome to Academy of Sweden – Culinary


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jenny Jonevret and I work as a Project Manager for Academy of Sweden – Culinary. I really look forward to meet you soon in Sweden and to give you a taste of Swedish Lapland.

It’s too soon to start packing but I want to inform you that the dress code for the whole trip is casual. And as you can see in the program, we will be out for a soft adventure so make sure to bring comfortable shoes and maybe a rain jacket. For “Kukkola” please bring a swimming suite for the sauna experience.
Talk to you soon // Jenny

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