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What to do? What to wear? Which online community platform to use?

On November 20 2006 I sent out emails to a number of Swedish companies who might be able to meet our demands for a online community platform.

These companies had two weeks to send me a time and cost estimate back along with some information about themselves and their thoughts regarding the project. Most of the companies were very interested and responded in good time.

As it turned out I was a bit optimistic in my original estimate on how long it would take to go through the proposals and to make decision. What a surprise… Lesson 1 learned right there.
I thought I could pick a supplier within two weeks. Well, it’s now the end of January and I still haven’t decided. I’m even further behind on regarding who’ll do the design.
In early December we figured we needed to clean the table a bit regarding a bunch of other smaller projects before going ahead with this one. Now that that’s done I’m very excited to focus on this online community project!

Why this blog?

I love wordpress

OK, so I’ve got the blog all set up just the way I like it. Well almost. There’s always another plugin or a new cool widget.
But why this blog?

Here’s a quote from the About Page:

In this blog I’ll be talking about all the exciting work that’s being done on our biggest web project of 2007 Рthe development, launch and ongoing activities of our online community.

It’s my goal to have a transparent development process. I’ll be posting design mock ups, brainstorming ideas, development updates and quick polls to get your input. I hope you find this as interesting and exciting as I do )

It’s possible, even likely, that I’ll also talk about other exciting web related projects we’re doing here at VisitSweden but the online community project will be the main focus for sure.

Press-releases and newsletters etc are all fine and they have their use but it’s sometimes a frustrating one way channel for pushing out information. I look at this blog as a combination of these things and more where the sum becomes greater than it’s parts.
Of course, no blog is greater than it’s content and it’s readers participation. So I hope you’ll like what I’ll be writing about and that you’ll help to make this blog even better with your feedback in the comments.