Full Speed Ahead

I’m just dropping a few lines to say what’s happening right now and how it’s going.

    - Oakwood has almost done all the design now.
    - Netrelations has implemented half of it into HTML, CSS and scripts.
    - Trive has just begun the development.

Everybody is working hard and doing an amazing job!

Marketing plans are being finalized. PR activities are being discussed.
I feel like there’s thousands of thoughts and ideas and to-do’s running around my head at any given moment but it’s all good. And in the middle of all of this it’s already time to plan for 2008.

I’ve held four presentations about the community during the last two weeks and everybody is very excited!
So how’s it going? Very well! :)

(oh and another thing; I’ll be posting a poll here soon to see what kind of discussion forums you want so stay tuned and make yourself heard)


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