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“Top 100 highlights in Sweden” now on Google My Maps

Do you like Google Maps. We do.
Since last May we use Google Maps on to guide our visitors to Swedens greatest attractions.
On December 3, we launced a Mapplet in Google My Maps for these attractions. You need a Google account to view the Mapplet named “Top 100 highlights in Sweden. The Mapplet leads traffic back to our website. We hope of course that this Mapplet will attract many new visitors to Sweden.

Click here to check it out!

Status of after one month?

We launched nov. 1st on schedule. I think it’s time for an update on the status of things.

How did it go?

The launch went great! We had a couple of major bugs the first few days. Mostly related to the internet explorer browser and some issues with inputing tags correctly.
November will always be remembered by me as the month of bug hunting.
And probably by the developers as the month of bug fixing ;)
We’ve come a long way and although there are still a list of issues to fix there’s nothing big that will impact the user experience negatively and that’s the most important thing.

What’s happened since?

We’ve held off with the marketing of during november to make sure we’ve got a good and stable service for our users. We’ve only leaked the launch a little by word of mouth, through this blog and our CEO’s blog.
The marketing activities will start now and continue to grow during december and januari and we have a huge list of marketing activities for 2008. It’s very exciting!

What’s next?

First priority is to fix the remaining issues.
Then we’ll start implementing some functionality that we didn’t have time for before november. Such as search functionality!
Yes of course, you didn’t think we’ve forgotten search did you? :)
Also the share functionality so you can easily send tips about good content you find on to your friends.
And more…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have already found your way to and become members. Many of you have also helped testing actively and also helping a lot just by providing content to make the community feel alive. Keep it up!
Thank you! :)