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NEWS: Get your Swedish widget and invite friends!

Two great new features on launched today and they are immideately avaialble for anyone to use:

  • The Widget that allows you to show community content on your own website.
  • The possibility for you to invite your friends to

Let’s take a quick look at the two feature here below.


A widget is a snippet of html code that you can copy and paste into your own site. This will then show content on your blog or website according to the template you choose.

You can customize the widget any way your want or you can choose to use one of the ready-to-go themes.
(and if you’re a member you can limit the widget to only show your personal content if you wish)

Perhaps you have a blog and you want to show some nice photos of Sweden or you’re responsible for an interesting attraction in Sweden and you don’t have an online community of your own – well now you can show content on your site and help inspire people from all over the world to travel to Sweden.

Click here to check out the Widget.

Invite friends

Members of can now invite their friends to join the site and also do a search amongst their contacts to see who are already members and then send a friend request to them.

It works like this:
The member enters their username and password to any of the supported web mail providers (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc) and we’ll do a search of your contacts emails and the community member’s emails and see if there are any matches. If there are matches we’ll encourage you to send friend requests to them and if there are not you can send invite emails to them.
Don’t worry, your privacy is important to us. We will not store your username and password. We will not send any unwanted emails to your contacts.

The more the merrier we say and hope you’ll agree :) We all want to be with our friends right? If you have friends who are interested in Sweden then why not use this service to send them invites? Enjoy!

Click here to check out the invite friends feature.