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3 months with

Here’s a brief summary of the status of which launched on nov 1:st 2007, three months ago.

We started rolling out marketing activities in december and we’re still going down the list of activities. is going well! We’ve already raised our goals for 2008 and we’ve got several exciting new features that will be released during the year.

Some numbers:

  • Members: ~1500
  • Photos: ~2100
  • The quality of the photos has exceeded my wildest expectations.
    Click here to take a look for yourself.

  • Stories: 192
  • There are some amazingly exciting and inspirational stories here which are fascinating to read.

Currently most visits come USA, Sweden, Germany, UK and Holland.
Bonus info: the most active members are the Italians :)

A couple of quotes that really made my day:

“I’m having a lot of fun in the community and I hope to visit Sweden for real in the near future. The community is really helping me to plan my visit.”

- Barry, UK.

“My neighbour and I were discussing yesterday, over the garden fence, what it is about your site that is so welcoming compared to others. It really is. Perhaps it is just because it is Swedish – clean, tidy, bright and positive. Cheers.”

- Brian, UK

“I am so greatful that there is because its a great help for me especially im new here and ill be arriving in goteborg on the 22nd and i feel so excited now!! trevligh att traffas!!”

- Cherrie Mendoza, Philippines

Thank you everybody that helps to make into such an amazing place! :)
Keep it up and spread the word!