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Hiking & Trekking – Dreaming of Sweden

While we work hard on preparing this year’s OAS event we thought we would share some inspirational stories from visitsweden.com that are relevant to this year’s activities.

Abisko, Bergslagen, Gotland island, the High Coast, Laponia World Heritage site and Sarek are legends among hikers and trekkers around the world. And deservedly so. Their impossibly natural beauty is matched only by their pristine state. Sarek National Park for example, is true wilderness as only nature could intend it and there are no trails here and few amenities. Otherwise, the vast majority of hiking and trekking trails in Sweden are clearly marked and some 350 hostels, mountain stations and huts are well-equipped and a welcome site for tired-legged visitors.

Håkan Hjort

Photo: Håkan Hjort

Worthy of special mention is Laponia World Heritage site. This is home to the Sami, the indigenous people of this land. Being a World Heritage Site means that it is very special indeed and when you visit its mountains, forests, glaciers, plains and rivers you’ll find out why.
Hiking and trekking in Sweden are year-round activities that you might want to combine with cross-country skiing and skating in wintertime and canoeing and kayaking the rest of the year. There are around 400 trails staked out, usually through an entire county, for example, the Blekinge, Skåne and Halland trails. There are also trails that run through national parks such as the incomparable Kungsleden (the King’s Trail) from Abisko to Hemavan past Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise.

Trails with different themes can be found in Dalsland – Pilgrimsleden (the Pilgrim trail), Småland – the John Bauer trail, Dalarna – the Vasaloppsleden (the Vasa ski race trail), Västmanland – Bruksleden (the Mill trail), Småland – and Utvandrarleden (the Emigrant trail).
What is wonderful about hiking and trekking in Sweden is the scope of landscapes on offer; alpine mountains, glaciers, tundra, lakes, valleys, plains, forests and vast archi. The going can also be as easy as you want, for example Roslagsleden just outside Stockholm, is dotted with towns and villages, while civilization has yet to reach wild and wonderful Sarek National Park and Laponia World Heritage site.

Just some of flora and fauna you may see in Sweden includes; golden eagles, elks, beaver, wolverine, lynx, rare orchids and in the far north of the country, the Northern Lights.

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Social hiking grows in Sweden


Karin Juhlin remembers the first time she was allowed to follow her parents and two elder brothers out camping. She was seven, and had grown up listening to the brothers tales from dark and windy nights in the mountains. Now it was her turn. The family made a trip from their home in Vännäsby, outside […]

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The fine art of being Bullerö


Once a holiday paradise for Sweden’s art elite and later famous Hollywood stars, now Bullerö in the Stockholm archipelago has become an easy accessible island for everybody in the outermost part of the Stockholm archipelago. Paddling among the outermost skerries in the archipelago is both a peaceful and exciting experience. Out there a calm day […]

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Hiking the Swedish Appalachians


After years of hiking in the area, Alvar Hansetun finally decided he wanted to walk the whole Bergslagsleden (Bergslag’s Trail). So he packed his backpack and did the 17 sections, measuring a total of 280 km’s, in 15 days and 9 hours. ”I have walked sections of the trail many times. It’s been my local […]

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The Wild West of Sweden


You may experience it among the mountains in Sarek and Padjelanta, or in the forests in Vålådalen, Tjeggelvas and Muddus: the sensation of being entirely alone in the world. You get the same feeling on the Pilgrim trail through Dalsland, a few kilometres north of Upperud. The deep silence. The muted colours. The serenity. You […]

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