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Internkonferens & affärsplan 2015!

Utöver de många externa uppdrag som vi på VisitSweden har under höstmånaderna, jobbar vi parallellt med framtagandet av affärsplan 2015. Under vår internkonferens i september, som hölls i Uppsala, workshopade vi kring företagets strategier för att se hur vi tillsammans kan ta nästa steg och vässa vår spjutspetskompetens inom marknadskommunikation. Utöver de kreativa dagarna vi hade tillsammans, passade vi även bland annat på att äta frukost på Uppsala slott, få en guidad tur på museum Gustavianum, besöka Vikingamuseet i gamla Uppsala och äta en middag tillsammans i Linnéträdgården. Stort tack till alla som bidrog till två inspirerande dagar!



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  1. 1 Wayne Tonic

    Amazing post, definitely regret not planning towards the USO style dinner. Keep up the very good work!

  2. 2 Albertha Lie

    While I really don’t agree with you, I obtain your shipping and delivery within your opinion one that I can actually obtain pleasurable to listen to.
    My encounters with science and nature have obviously been diverse.
    I actually admire your considering.
    I ought to take an opposing watch on “vulcanism”, even so. As the really untypical girl, I’ve been informed I’m particularly logical and analytical. And, just like the regular girl, I’ve triggers that make me cry, nonetheless it could cause you to laugh.
    I discover myself most frustrated and pushed into tears by people behaving illogically. I ultimately had a boyfriend check out me and say, “That’s just it. Individuals never make feeling largely. You must cease expecting them to, and after that you will end up significantly less pissed off a lot less normally.”
    Just believed you could possibly have a giggle out of me.

  3. 3 Georgette Ill

    I simply can not obtain a place here to order a subscribtion to “Letters in the Mail” to get a reward or two and also for myself.
    It sounds like a wonderful idea and several of my pals are going to be delighted to receive letters in the mail….

  4. 4 Savanna Furse

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